Qualifying Impairments: Chronic Pain and Fatigue

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I am Sara Gabin. I have been an Oregon lawyer over 36 years and I have extensive experience representing disabled individuals in Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income, Disabled Adult Child and Disabled Widows' Claims.

When Chronic Pain and Fatigue can Qualify you for Disability

You have most likely observed and possibly have sustained impairments that are easy to spot and understand. Often, however, an individual is disabled by chronic pain and fatigue that is hard to explain. You look as if nothing is wrong with you but you have lost your ability to care for yourself.

Sometimes chronic pain and fatigue are the result of other impairments that are easy to observe such as degenerative spinal or other joint diseases. The level of degeneration fails to explain the extent of pain and fatigue you are experiencing. It is possible to win on these facts if you have demonstrated a good work ethic, your treatment history and testimony show no more than minor inconsistencies in your functioning, you have been fully treatment complaint, and you have the support of a doctor who understands your condition and is able to write a report that explains how the pain and fatigue stop you from functioning fully. It also helps if you are at least in early middle age. Younger people with these impairments have an inordinately difficult time winning.

Some impairments are characterized exclusively by chronic pain and fatigue symptoms. These illnesses tend to include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is possible to win when you have been felled by fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. The same winning/losing factors apply with these maladies as with other chronic pain cases. You must have been a very good worker. You must have been and must continue to be a model patient. You must be as consistent as possible in how you describe your symptoms and daily activities. The Social Security Administration officially recognizes fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome as potentially disabling impairments. But it awards benefits grudgingly and looks for any reason at all to deny a claim. You must be prepared for a long process, most likely through Federal Court Review, before you are awarded benefits.

Contact a Portland Attorney to Discuss Your Benefits Options

Most claims are denied, on initial application, especially chronic pain and fatigue claims. The appeal process is daunting to anyone, and even more so to someone experiencing chronic pain and fatigue that makes it difficult to focus for more than 30-minute time spans. Therefore, it is wise to hire a knowledgeable and experienced Social Security Disability attorney who can help navigate your claim through all levels of appeal so that you may receive your hard earned benefits. I have assisted clients throughout the Portland area and elsewhere in Multnomah County for over 36 years. If you have questions about pursuing Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim, call Sara L. Gabin at (503) 620-3171 or contact us online to learn more about how I can help.